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21 Oct

Winter in Yosemite National Park.

When snow begins to fall, the park undergoes a transformation from astounding to sublime. The features of the landscape soften and the light creates an etherial mystical quality that is every photographer's dream.

As the range of light glows with an internal illumination in the summer it seems to transform into a thing alive and exquisite in the winter with the ability to completely enfold a person in a shining web of transformative energy.

The deep silence of a snowy landscape enhances one's ability to think clearly and deeply without distraction. Take a walk on a snowy path, glide through the silent back country forest on skis, find your child while catching snow flakes with your tongue.

Feel the cold on your skin, taste the sharp clean mountain air, and let this beautiful and unforgiving landscape lead you to the awareness of how fragile, temporary, and precious a thing is we call life.

There is a reason that people from the beginning of time have ventured into lands that are devoid of the things that overload our senses, thoughts, and emotions. The vast open ocean, the silent and waiting deserts, and the snow blanketed paths that allow the seeker to release oneself from the bonds of the repetitive and mundane existence of everyday living. The filters that such a living creates fall away one by one like the gently falling snow.

I believe you will find being in Yosemite in the winter worth the challenge and additional effort of getting here.


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